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Stove World UK Customer Reviews and Wood Burning Stoves Photos

We welcome your feedback and love to see your photos. We are grateful to every one of the customers below who have got in touch and shared their opinions and experiences to help others choose the best possible stove for their budget.

Submitted by: Dave King

  • 03/08/2021
  • Rating: (5)

we have had this since April 2020 and its a great bit of kit, having looked into building one and spent a fair amount of time looking at other of the shelf alternatives I was a bit unsure given the price. Delivery and assembly was quick and straightforward with two of us.
First few attempts took a bit of time to get the temperature right and find the right dough mix, once we sorted this its been great and it gets up to heat very quickly and we will easily get 4-5 pizzas cooked before needing to put more wood on, we have tried compressed sawdust logs which work well but seasoned ash seems to be the best burning for a long time at a high heat.
We use this recipe for the dough and everyone who has tried it seems to really like it you get a good chew and can make them really thin if you want -

100% recommend

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Submitted by: Darren Giles

  • 09/08/2019
  • Rating: (5)

Hi good evening,

Had a test run tonight before our Pizza party on Saturday.
Fantastic product and gets up to 700f in about 15 minutes and delicious Pizza.
Thank you for making such an amazingly good product.

Darren Giles.

Submitted by: James

  • 22/07/2018
  • Rating: (5)

As others have alluded to, the instructions can be hard to follow at times - we were particularly stumped with the axel for the wheels, which seemed like it should be the most simple part!

However we managed in the end to get it all completed. The finished product looks good, and everything looks to be of a nice quality.

We tested it the other night and came out with some cracking pizzas - the oven worked wonderfully. We were recording heats at the top of the oven as being above 400 C, but on the outside it topped out around 160 C. It looked as if the insulation was doing a good job.

All in all I am very happy with the product and am definitely recommending this to others.

Submitted by: Mark

  • 18/07/2018
  • Rating: (5)


In response to the below I am more than happy to provide feedback.

The ordering process was very simple and delivery was quick. Everything you would want. Assembling the stand could have been made easier with better instructions. I am adept at DIY and regularly complete all manner of jobs. However this did take some looking at in order to assemble and a few things had to be taken apart and redone as the ordering wasn’t quite apparent. That said it took about an hour instead of what could have been half an hour so not the end of the world.

Once assembled we have been really pleased with the result. The product is really well made and finished superbly. It feels really substantial. Heating up doesn’t take long at all with kiln dried hard wood and the pizzas were way beyond expectation. After two goes and really impressing some close friends I couldn’t be more impressed. Thank you.


Submitted by: Simon Richards

  • 31/05/2018
  • Rating: (5)

A friend at work bought a Pizza Oven from the Ideal Home Exhibition for a small fortune and I was instantly keen to join the club but didn't fancy a remortgage just to own one so the search began.

I found Stove World UK after a Google search and was amazed by the price but as usual in this world I expected the quality to be not that good but as it fitted my budget I thought I'd take a leap of faith on the reviews alone and how glad I am that I did.

I received my Green Machine Pizza Oven in just 2 days after ordering and it arrived beautifully packaged on a pallet. The assembly instructions were easy to follow and I soon had it set up. The oven is a work of art with all the fittings being stainless it will last for ever and as soon as it stops raining I will be cooking everything outside from this day forward.

Thank you Stove World for your excellent service and superb quality oven I couldn't be more pleased with it. Youtube review and pictures to follow.

Submitted by: Sarah

  • 14/06/2017
  • Rating: (5)

Used for the first time this evening and love it. We're 2 complete novices and found it really easy to use. Made four pizzas, burnt the first a little as didn't expect it to cook so fast but after that the next 3 were perfect. Can't wait to give some other non pizza recipes a go. Would definitely recommend!

Submitted by: Philippe

  • 30/05/2017
  • Rating: (5)

The best mobile wood fired pizza oven you could ever find. Easy to use, strong and durable. Copy and paste the you tube link, it shows my first attempt, I did leave it a bit too long! The others came out better looking.

Submitted by: Paul Craven

  • 16/05/2017
  • Rating: (5)

Just a quick note of thanks for the brilliant customer service from placing the order and replacing a part that was damaged on delivery.
Great product, great price and great customer service, would highly recommend to any potential customers.
Just need the sunshine back for a week or two.

Many Thanks

Paul Craven, Buxton

Submitted by: Bill Wilkin

  • 19/04/2017
  • Rating: (5)

Bought the green machine this week and what can I say! It's easy to put together, a little heavy but the wife and I managed to get it out of the car ok. Took about an hour to put together as I'm a little anal about laying things out and checking everything's there.
Fired it up and was up to 250°c in 2minutes and upto about 450°c after 15-20minutes, cooks great and now going to experiment with roasts, lasagne etc. Wish I'd bought it sooner, excellent value, well made.
Thanks for an easy sale and putting in the boot of my car...

Submitted by: Martin Stanley-Wright

  • 07/04/2017
  • Rating: (5)

I am glad I brought this product. 45 mins to build and get in place. A two person job. Used two fire lighters and 1/4 of a pack of kindling at the rear of the oven. Then five mins later added two logs. Left for two more mins and started cooking the pizzas. Took two mins approx per pizza, 5 pizzas in about 10 mins. Very satisfied customers. Just need a cover for the colder days and need to practice a roast dinner or two. Great product very satisfied.

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