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We welcome your feedback and love to see your photos. We are grateful to every one of the customers below who have got in touch and shared their opinions and experiences to help others choose the best possible stove for their budget.

Submitted by: Steve dunn

  • 20/02/2017
  • Rating: (5)

It's simply great !

Love the oven, I collected mine as I'm local, but it is very heavy. Instructions are a bit chinglish (Chinese English) but you can work it out ok and doesn't take long, just need 2 people to live the oven part on.

Heats up very very fast and really you can cook a pizza in minutes, does nic e pork in the oven too, better than a bbq

Just need a good cover for it

Submitted by: Nicholas Willcocks

  • 10/02/2017
  • Rating: (5)

Dear Sirs

Nice to hear from you and yes I am more than happy to write a review.

For my sins I am passionate and very particular about pizzas, not the fat boy American / English adopted ones, but the proper Italian ones where the dough is like a spring and wafer thin but bubbles up when cooked to massive proportions.

In the house we have a large (6’ internal diameter) domed bread oven in which I have installed an insulated fire brick reflective base to allow for better pizza cooking, however this takes 3 hours to bring up to heat. I also have an outside oven built into a brick wall, with a 4’ internal diameter made from precast shaped dome pieces set on an insulted based and covered with a fibre glass wool insulation blanket then chicken wire and three layers of differing grades of hydraulic lime mixed with varying grades of expanded clay aggregate. 500 deg C inside 45 deg outside and still 250 deg C internally 12 hours later!

So I know about and am passionate about proper pizza cooking. I love your oven, and bought it so that I can dedicate a totally separate oven to merely gluten free and allergy affected pizzas for the many weddings we do every year. Sadly it has been hijacked by the family and it looks like I may have to buy another one from you shortly.

I put the oven together on my own (dustman arrived at the right time and helped lift top onto base as awkward rather than heavy) It took less than an hour despite the admittedly not too clear instructions.

I did pre-fire the oven the day before first use to a moderate heat to get rid of any moisture in the fire bricks and avoid steam induced cracking.

Would I buy another? Despite having ordered a portable pizza oven for our VW camper van, I am still waiting for delivery 9 months later! So yes expect another order soon, may even buy one for a friend.

Top tip – I am used to ovens cooking 6 or so pizzas at a time and use large paddles, get a smaller turning paddle / peel and a number of smaller 10” wooden peels so that you can made the pizza directly onto these, but use plenty of flour so that they do not stick and if using the proper dough mix do not leave them on the peel too long as they will sweat and stick.


Nicholas Willcocks

Submitted by: Andy

  • 23/07/2016
  • Rating: (5)

Spent months looking at Pizza ovens and thought I was going to have to pay well over £600 for a half decent one.
I don't know how I stumbled on this oven but for the price it's incredible value. The specification is the same as £1000 ovens.
Did a pizza party for 30 plus people and the oven was perfect and easily coped with the demand.
The best bit is this oven can be moved around the garden which is where it's better than the permenant ones.
The quality is fantastic and the pizzas are the best. Make sure you use caputto 00 tipo flour to get the best bases...I recommend a larger pizza paddle and also a wooden pizza peel and semolina to help the pizza slide off and into the oven.
Probably the best pizza oven you can but for this price.

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