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Stove World UK Customer Reviews and Wood Burning Stoves Photos

We welcome your feedback and love to see your photos. We are grateful to every one of the customers below who have got in touch and shared their opinions and experiences to help others choose the best possible stove for their budget.

Submitted by: Tony clarke

  • 30/03/2022
  • Rating: (4)

Great service arrived promptly. Couldn’t get the exact cover as our oven is quite old but with a bit of adjustment fitted fine. Was slightly disappointed with some technical assistance as our oven had experienced some damp over the winter ( due to the old cover damaged though age) and was trying to find out the best way to dry it out. Left it open during the last good weather and it appears fine. Didn’t know how the oven was constructed and wondered if the insulation had become wet through the chimney, no one could help.

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