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Kiln Dried Logs

Why Kiln-Dried Birch?

We love birch and use it on all stoves here at Stove World UK HQ and pride ourselves on selling products that we have good knowledge of and experience using.  

Birch is suitable for all stove users but is perfect for people using their stove occasionally or for between 1 and 5 hours a day. If you are using your stove day and night you may want to mix the birch that we sell with other hard woods like oak, as birch does burn a little faster.

Reasons why we use birch

1.    By far the easiest hard wood to light because of its splintered, oil-soaked bark that acts as a natural fire lighter.
2.    The burning bark gives a wonderful orange flame that fills the fire and is truly mesmerising to watch.
3.    Birch gives you a quick burst of heat, a lot quicker than over hard woods.
4.    Birch is cheaper and more sustainable than other hard woods. It matures twice as fast than some other hardwoods. 

Free delivery when ordered with a stove – Please see delivery details before purchasing.

Large Crate - Kiln Dried Birch Hardwood Logs - In Stock

Large Crate - Kiln Dried Birch Hardwood Logs - In Stock

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