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Hi I was impressed by the quality of the flue and the cowling attachment for the top of the chimney which made for a professional installation It was worth buying a quality product and can recommend this kit to anyone wanting to install a flue Regards
20/09/2018Chris Sinclair

Just bought this stove not fitted yet but first impressions this seems a very good solid stove. And I've no complaints dealing with stove World UK it all seamed to run smoothly and on time. Once this is fitted and running I will write another review. Thanks
18/09/2018James walker

Stove arrived today, i am really impressed with the quality of this stove. Very fast dispatch and packaging was excellent.
11/09/2018Robert daunton

Bought this back in Feb 18 this yr & was fabulous for the beast from the east cold weather. Never had a stove before but can state the flame pattern & performance from this is excellent. Ordered stove, 904 liner, chimney pot, ma adapter & vitreous enamel flue pipe, you will get fantastic heat from what appeared to be a small stove to me looking forward to winter now! Don’t hesitate to buy if uncertain vs dearer brands as quality product without extra expense. -- Regards (PICTURES OF INSTALL UPLOADED TO GALLERY) Brian Smith
06/09/2018Brian Smith

I have already give review on this stove but was not experienced in lighting and filling so this is an updated version- absolutely amazing stove, I can light it in minutes and instead of loading as many logs as you can you only need 2 logs in my last review I mentioned got to be careful on stacking logs and that was because I was putting logs on top of half burned logs the key is wait till logs have burned to coals on the bottom it is now a breeze and now give it 5 stars, cannot praise enough!
26/08/2018Simon Stead

Wow decided to treat myself to this oven after a long deliberation but am so pleased with I did. Oven gets really hot and stays hot the only thing is the temp gauge gets very smoked and is hard to read after a while so I purchased a laser temp gauge which is much more accurate but well worth the money. If you are thinking of purchasing this oven then you will not be disappointed.
31/07/2018Dave Washington

As others have alluded to, the instructions can be hard to follow at times - we were particularly stumped with the axel for the wheels, which seemed like it should be the most simple part! However we managed in the end to get it all completed. The finished product looks good, and everything looks to be of a nice quality. We tested it the other night and came out with some cracking pizzas - the oven worked wonderfully. We were recording heats at the top of the oven as being above 400 C, but on the outside it topped out around 160 C. It looked as if the insulation was doing a good job. All in all I am very happy with the product and am definitely recommending this to others.

Highly recommend this stove and company. Stove delivered within 48 hours, extremely well packaged and fully warrants the £39.99 delivery charge. The stove looks amazing and the fitter was also complimentary of the quality of this stove. Great communication throughout from stoveworlduk. thanks so much.
21/07/2018Lee Thomas

Thank you so much. Great speedy delivery. Well packaged.... Just built a log store so oven nicely sits on top.... First use tonight and kids said best pizza they have ever tasted and I agree.... Thank you again. I have already recommended this oven to several friends. Now pictures on my Facebook page I think many more orders might come your way... Mr Carnegie
20/07/2018Tony Carnegie

Hi In response to the below I am more than happy to provide feedback. The ordering process was very simple and delivery was quick. Everything you would want. Assembling the stand could have been made easier with better instructions. I am adept at DIY and regularly complete all manner of jobs. However this did take some looking at in order to assemble and a few things had to be taken apart and redone as the ordering wasn’t quite apparent. That said it took about an hour instead of what could have been half an hour so not the end of the world. Once assembled we have been really pleased with the result. The product is really well made and finished superbly. It feels really substantial. Heating up doesn’t take long at all with kiln dried hard wood and the pizzas were way beyond expectation. After two goes and really impressing some close friends I couldn’t be more impressed. Thank you. Mark

Hi Very Happy with my stove and the speed it got here and the way it was packed. Its not getting installed untill the begining of August but will send photo when its done. Many thanks jeremy
16/07/2018Jeremy Coulling

Ordered the Pureview Curve 5kw after searching for a stove that would fit into our not very large fireplace but also had the look that we wanted. Our fitter suggested it as he had two. Reckoned if the fitter is impressed, it must be worth checking out! As soon as we saw it online, we loved its clean lines and large window, not to mention the price - less than half of the only other stove we liked. It is exactly the style we wanted and it looks and feels like a very good quality product. Very happy with Stoveworld service. Ordered late Sat, together with a crate of logs, email received Mon to advise delivery Tues. Arrived mid-day with a very helpful driver who helped separate stove from logs and push it up our short but steep driveway and set the logs down in a convenient spot. The stove has only just been fitted so we haven't had it lit yet apart from a short first burn so can't comment on performance.
15/06/2018Chris R. Aberystwyth

A friend at work bought a Pizza Oven from the Ideal Home Exhibition for a small fortune and I was instantly keen to join the club but didn't fancy a remortgage just to own one so the search began. I found Stove World UK after a Google search and was amazed by the price but as usual in this world I expected the quality to be not that good but as it fitted my budget I thought I'd take a leap of faith on the reviews alone and how glad I am that I did. I received my Green Machine Pizza Oven in just 2 days after ordering and it arrived beautifully packaged on a pallet. The assembly instructions were easy to follow and I soon had it set up. The oven is a work of art with all the fittings being stainless it will last for ever and as soon as it stops raining I will be cooking everything outside from this day forward. Thank you Stove World for your excellent service and superb quality oven I couldn't be more pleased with it. Youtube review and pictures to follow.
31/05/2018Simon Richards

Absolutely brilliant. Here’s my review.... I can’t believe the price and how good it is. The quality is clear when assembling it, it’s so solid and well made. Been using it for a while now and it’s consistently brilliant We have made pizza, Lamb Kleftico, Roast Chicken, Baked Salmon, flat breads, chilli, slow roasted tomatoes...the list goes on. Got a brilliant book called Wood Fired Oven cook book. By Holly and David Jones. It has lots of valuable information from starting the fire to cooking entire Menus for different occasions and how to utilise the oven at it hottest and slow cooking things over night when it’s cooling down. We bought the £15 pizza paddle which is very good quality and also the cover which is an absolute must in my opinion. I have been raving about this oven all my friends. If fact one is about to order one from you
29/05/2018Lucy Large

I’ve had the oven for a year and am still glad we bought it. Fantastic quality and the price is a steal. It’s low as previous comments but that means it’s not to bulky when not in use. Fantastic pizzas and everyone enjoys making their own. It costs more in wood than the ingredients so all really cheap to make. Pizzas cook so quickly it takes a while to get the knack of not burning the crust. All part of the fun learning.
21/05/2018Mark B

Great fire loads of heat only negative is because it’s slimline you have to put logs on very carefully so the don’t fall on to the door when the log underneath burns!

I tried writing the following review of the 'Victoria' but your review-box rejected it (too long!) But here it is anyway - We have had a Zona 'Victoria' oven for five years now, so I believe I am well qualified to give an opinion on its long-term usefulness and use. It is modelled on the European farm house stoves that used to be found in every household, known in Germany as an 'Oma-Ofen' (Granny's oven) and used to be the very heart of every rural household in the days before electric cooking stoves. In Winter, the Oma-Ofen was the sole source of heat, hot water and cooking and the Zona 'Victoria' fulfils that role in our household admirably. Because it is so effective, when the weather is very cold, we use less heating oil and rely on this stove and one other small stove, also from Stove-World-UK, for most of our heat. Using this, or any other similar cooking stove is an acquired skill and I have been using this type of stove for many years. Unfortunately, the antique ones you find here and there are nearly all broken and useless and are simply decoration and not viable stoves, so I was particularly happy to find that Zona still make them! This stove is very, very efficient, so you have to make sure (as with ALL stoves!) that the wood you use is perfectly dry if there is not to be a build-up of tar in the stove and the flue-pipes. When damped down, the smoke is circulated around the oven, so a good draw from a tall chimney is required. This is a big stove and therefore requires a matching chimney. The stove heats up very quickly. Within a few days of getting ours in December, five years ago, we had a four-day power cut over Christmas and I cooked Christmas dinner on this stove. It was far easier and more effective than I had expected and the temperature gauge on the oven meant that I could even bake bread in it. There are things you must not do with this or any other Oma-Ofen cooking stove. Using wet or fresh wood is really number one. Also burning plastic or other rubbish is definitely not good. Doing either of these things will quickly bung up the insides of any stove with tar and can even lead to a chimney fire. Cleaning requires the usual tools of a long-handled stove shovel and a poker. There is an inspection and cleaning plate below the oven and it is a good idea to replace the cross-head screws with something you can grab with a ratchet, in case you do get a build-up of tar. If any of the screws or handles do get blocked by wood tar, WD40 will loosen them fairly quickly (but only when the stove is not in use!!!) Once a year in Summer, we clean all the stoves, chimneys and flue pipes in our house and use a variety of tools, including chimney-sweep brushes, flue brushes, pans, shovels and pokers and an industrial vacuum cleaner with a length of wide garden hose for getting ash out of the far reaches of chimneys and dust from behind things! A couple of hours and we are done. The one and only criticism I have of the 'Victoria' is that it does not have a separate door for the fire and for the ash-pan, so you have to remember to pull the draft handle to open when opening the door, if you don't want a small amount of smoke coming into the kitchen. Considering the very low price, that is hardly a major issue. I can warmly recommend the 'Victoria' to anyone who is prepared to learn the ins and outs of cooking on an old-fashioned wood-burning stove. Andrew Graeme
01/05/2018Byre Recording Studio

Treated myself for my birthday and I am not disappointed at all. It was delivered on time and well packaged. It was easy to put together in less than an hour. I have used it twice now and yes I am very impressed. It takes a while to bring it to temperature but that’s half the fun but when it’s ready you can knock pizzas out every couple of minutes or as fast as you can prepare them. All in all a top purchase and I highly recommended this especially the price.
19/04/2018Andy Birkinshaw

Review: Absolutley thrilled with our stove, burns very well and looks fantastic. Would highly recommend this stove, delivered quickly as well. Jerricah
16/04/2018Jerricah Holder

Our fitter recommended your stove over what I thought was better (stovax Stockton 5). I'm glad I listened to him as i read reviews on the stovax stove and there were complaints about a lack of heat and stovax is quite a bit more expensive too. I'd certainly recommend to family or friends of your stoves. Thank you for great service :) Regards, Stephen
16/04/2018Stephen Alcorn

Purchased this brand, I originally was recommended to go for the 5kw ecosystem 5kw curve, however I thought I'd rather fit a bigger windowed stove. So went with this. Managed with a trolley to bring it into the house, got a local fitter team which did a great job of fitting. As for the stove, really great, good heat coming out so no worries there. I'd certainly recommend it. seeing the flame etc is a big point and it has extra space for larger logs.

Since installation the stove has performed beyond expectations. The heat output is fantastic! The recent cold snap we had, "The Beast from the East", really put this stove to the test. It fits in beautifully with our Victorian decor sitting room and adds in a complentary contemporary look. 5
20/03/2018Marcus Young-Smith

sorry i dont understand how to work wit three air control i got it fitted two weeks ago the smell came out of this stove as i dont know how to use the three air control am i right leave the bottom under the stove to open then lite the fire and close the door with other two control open till red woods and put more woods then close bottom of the d oor leave open top of door what ab under the door ii dont understand can you tel me
04/03/2018joe new ferry

Great stove probably the best value on the market. Great heat output large window and well built. We have fitted lots and only ever get great reviews from our customers. Lovely looking stove that has been well designed and a lot of thought has gone into design too.
22/02/2018Dalisa Fireplaces

Hi Stove World, A quick email to say the new Ecosy 7-8 was installed by our local installer Heatshine from Cardigan today. We live on top of a hill and had strong winds straight off the sea today, this has made lighting our old stove difficult on occasions. The Ecosy took first time, a gentle burn as per instructions. Once cooled down a second light burn and again no issues. Once fully cooked down we did a third burn, again no starting issues, and on the cool down, when there were only a few embers left I chucked in some very lite kindling, withing 60 seconds we had a flame. We are really pleased from the first phone call to placing order, to delivery SW have been a pleasure to deal with - thank you I would like to add due to the cost we researched and researched and are pleased we took the decision to go with the Ecosy If you would like to use this as review please do. Images are from the second burn

great stove usual burn off smells for the first day, gives out great heat and its not been pushed yet very happy with it and the service

We bought our log burner 2years ago and we could not fault it. our energy bills are down by a mile. We recommend this product. it has been amazing for us
30/01/2018Mark and Laiza Tearle

I have owned this stove now for 8months and its great the heat is really good and its easy to keep clean I would recommend this stove.
22/01/2018Carmen hughes

This is the second winter that we have used the Ottawa 5kw stove and we are delighted with it. We have a 24ft x 17ft lounge and the stove kept this room comfortable last winter when the central heating failed during several days of frosty weather. The build quality is excellent - equally as good as some bid brand names that we looked at before buying this stove, it is economical to run, and very good value for money. What more would you want!

This is the second burner we have had from Stoveworld and I absolutely love it and so does everyone else! Thankyou so much.
15/01/2018Julie Clark

Could not be more happier with this stove! We have had it in for over a month and so pleased with it. Stove world were very helpful over the phone and purchasing and delivery was 10/10. The stove kicks out a lot of heat and heats up very quickly! So glad we didn't purchase an expensive up market stove when this does just the job. Thank you again, Bryony

Absolutely fantastic stove at an excellent price. Gives out lots of heat and it's just lovely to watch the fire through the big glass. Warms up our living room in no time and even the entire house eventually. It was very easy to install too. Make sure you buy flue pipes/elbows with it to ensure good quality and matching colour. It was professionally packed and delivered in no time. I wouldn't hesitate to buy again from Stove World UK.
02/01/2018Marek Ihnat

Stove World UK were recommended by the fitter installing our wood burner. We were expecting to pay anything up to £1000 having looked at other websites and dealers, but Stove World were unbelievably good value in comparison. We ordered the Ottawa model. This was over 12 months ago and we are delighted with its performance. It heats up the living room very quickly, so much so we leave the living room door open and switch off the central heating as the heat warms the house. The stove arrived securely packaged on a pallet within two days. From start to finish StoveWorld were great to deal with and we have readily recommended them to friends and family. Five star value and five star service.
01/01/2018Steve Woods

Bought to replace our 20 year old Villager. Lovely big window to watch dancing flames, which is a new concept for me. Very good air control, the fire will stay in overnight. The glass does fog up when it burns out or overnight, but the next time you get the heat up it self cleans and back to being lovely. Very economic compared to the Villager, a lot better to look at and the big door is easy to load. It can pump out dog moving heat or be controlled to provide a lovely 70 degrees in a large room. The flat top suits a fan. It is Chinese made and I did think twice, but have been VERY pleased with my purchase, I can't see how you could be disappointed with the stove.
18/12/2017Bicton Heights

Dear Stoveworld UK: When we unpacked our stove we found the door was slightly off square. It looked as though the hinges had not been mounted in line. We took a photo and sent this to Stoveworld. We had an immediate response apologizing for the problem and a new stove was promptly despatched arriving with us 2 days later. We had it installed and it is both beautiful and extremely good at what it does. It is also engineered to a very high standard. I can’t thank you enough for supplying such a brilliant stove for a really amazingly good price. Furthermore, thanks so much for sorting the initial problem so promptly. I have already put two people in touch with you and will continue to recommend you to others without hesitation. Kind regards Guy
12/12/2017Guy Greenway

This is our second stove from Stoveworld and we are again delighted with the style and performance. It heats up a cavernous old drawing room with ease. The second tertiary airwash allows me to close the top one off completely, making for good fuel economy and clean glass - I really love my stove! Also bought the 904 liner and installer very impressed with both. I have had a couple of big brand name Stoves in the past and cannot fault their performance, however I can honestly say this stove is more than an equal match in quality, design and performance - just doesn’t have the ridiculous price tag. I intend to buy another stove for my hall next year from Stoveworld - no hesitation.
11/12/2017Fiona Provan