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Customer Reviews

I am so very pleased with this product and the service received from Stoveworld. Not surprised its now out of stock

Thank you so very much excellent service from start to finish great customer service and delivered on time.... Brilliant!! Regards Gill Williams
20/04/2017Gill Williams

Truly believe that this price, I've ripped stove world off! I can not the quality and enjoyment I get out of this oven. I shopped around and everything in this price range was pretty tacky looking and not good quality. Having stumbled across this site and taking the dive, my home life in the garden has changed! Such an awesome price of kit, looks incredible and cooks even better than it looks. Yes as other people mention the gauge blackens... there like £3 off amazin and take 1 minute to change. It is also a little short for when actually cooking for me, however, it's got wheels so I pull it over to where we are sitting and we have a awesome heater for the evening! Absolutely love this oven! Well done stove world! Could you let me know when the cover is in stock? Thanks!
20/04/2017Darryl Emery

Bought the green machine this week and what can I say! It's easy to put together, a little heavy but the wife and I managed to get it out of the car ok. Took about an hour to put together as I'm a little anal about laying things out and checking everything's there. Fired it up and was up to 250°c in 2minutes and upto about 450°c after 15-20minutes, cooks great and now going to experiment with roasts, lasagne etc. Wish I'd bought it sooner, excellent value, well made. Thanks for an easy sale and putting in the boot of my car...
19/04/2017Bill Wilkin

We ordered this wood burner for our Glamping site and we love it ! Great service, brilliant product and we get lots of complements on the woodburner. We are also in the process of ordering our second one. I would highly recommend by from Stoveworld as they sell good quality stoves. Thank you!

Dear all Thankyou for your great service, and we are very happy with the new stove. The Ecosy+ Purefire 7-8 kw stove is well made at a very reasonable price. Only just had the stove fitted, and have attached a photo for your website. We are very happy with this fire and would recommend it to others. Regards
13/04/2017David Warne

I am glad I brought this product. 45 mins to build and get in place. A two person job. Used two fire lighters and 1/4 of a pack of kindling at the rear of the oven. Then five mins later added two logs. Left for two more mins and started cooking the pizzas. Took two mins approx per pizza, 5 pizzas in about 10 mins. Very satisfied customers. Just need a cover for the colder days and need to practice a roast dinner or two. Great product very satisfied.
07/04/2017Martin Stanley-Wright

if you buy another stove from someone else your mad ,this 5kw defra ottawa stove is brillant ,the price is very good compared to others iv seen out there .it even looks bigger & better than the pic .this is my first stove fitted so i was a bit green on how things work & what i needed ,stoveworld was brillant with all my questions ,i orderd the stove liner & all other kit i needed to fit the stove ,it all came on one load ,delivery was quick brillant & very well packed ,i was very pleased & the price was good too.
21/03/2017jason Ellison

I put my new stove in this weekend, and I am Very happy with the way it looks,The heat from the stove is amazing. Thank you Stove World for a great service.

Dear Sir, I am delighted with my Ecosy 7.4 DEFRA Stove. The delivery was 'spot on', very helpful 'good looking' young man. My wife wanted to keep him instead of the fire but I assured her the fire would be warmer and more cost effective in the long run. I managed to get my stove into my estate car and took it all the way to Ireland. I must have saved about £400 by doing this, as the same quality and type of stove over there seem much more expensive. I have fitted the stove myself, as I am a bit of a clever dick and am an annoying 'know all' type of guy. Now I intend to bore all my visitors to death and tell them how clever I am and how good Stove World are. I did hours and hours of research before deciding on this stove. I am not disappointed. Thank you and keep up the good work. Leigh

My wife and I are very pleased with the stove but not as much as Madge the cat. Looks good and works great. Good buy
01/03/2017Norman Seddon

What a excellent stove. Really kicks some heat out. So happy with our purchase and a brilliant price too. Thank you to Stove World UK.
28/02/2017Mr & Mrs Ennini

We love our Dome Pizza Oven. We've had it 6 months now and love the whole outdoor dining experience - not only our delicious, fresh-baked pizza (in minutes) and garlic flatbread (30 seconds!) but also setting up the fire and getting it to temperature :) I've been prompted to write a review because I saw a similar oven in our local garden centre, just with a wide and thin oven floor not long and deep like the Dome (i prefer the Dome as you can get the fire blazing at the back and retain the heat) and it was over £800! So I want to tell everyone - save your money and buy The Dome at a quarter of the price - it's high-quality and we're delighted. if you take the plunge, you won't regret it. Just be warned that it comes crated and is extremely heavy so definitely a 2 person job :) Stoveworld UK were incredibly helpful with our order too. Well done :)
26/02/2017Mrs M

I literally couldn't be more pleased with our stove! We had it fitted by a qualified stove installation fitter who was really impressed with the quality (he hadn't heard of you before) and even more so about the cost! Our girls (dogs!) love it too and it's perfect for them to lie in front of after a hard day's beating! Very very happy customer!
21/02/2017Carrie Ashbolt

It's simply great ! Love the oven, I collected mine as I'm local, but it is very heavy. Instructions are a bit chinglish (Chinese English) but you can work it out ok and doesn't take long, just need 2 people to live the oven part on. Heats up very very fast and really you can cook a pizza in minutes, does nic e pork in the oven too, better than a bbq Just need a good cover for it
20/02/2017Steve dunn

5 stars I received the Cove Green Machine pizza oven in the time stated and the delivery driver was very helpful, he and I carried it to my back garden (it weighs approx 80kg). The next day I put it together it took me about an hour and although the instructions aren't conclusive they are good enough. I decided to give it a test (bear in mind it was February). I put some kindling in and some hard wood from our local timber yard and in 15 minutes the oven was at 350c. I popped in Some boiled potatoes and in 15 minutes, voila, crispy roast potatoes. I was too excited not to have a go at making pizza so whipped up some dough and placed the pizza on my new pizza peel and OMG pizza took just 2 minutes to cook. And the taste? Well, I could have been in Tuscany. The oven is really only big enough for 1 pizza. You may at a squeeze 2 in, but as they only take 2 minutes to cook what's the point? If you don't want to cook pizza you could get a big joint of meat in it and although I've not cooked meat (remember I'm only on day 1), I do intend to cook meat ASAP. It can easily hold its temperature at about 250c with just embers in it. If you are thinking of buying this oven just do it - you won't regret it.
15/02/2017Mark Saunders

I bought the double sided 16kw multy fuel stove in september 2o14 to heat my lounge which is 36ftx25ft brilliant and very cheap for the quality of stove. 5star *****
13/02/2017lee c

Super stove and our installer was impressed with the build. Belts out the heat and the glass stays crystal clear. Love it and will buy another when we move house.
12/02/2017Alice Kirby

Dear Sirs Nice to hear from you and yes I am more than happy to write a review. For my sins I am passionate and very particular about pizzas, not the fat boy American / English adopted ones, but the proper Italian ones where the dough is like a spring and wafer thin but bubbles up when cooked to massive proportions. In the house we have a large (6’ internal diameter) domed bread oven in which I have installed an insulated fire brick reflective base to allow for better pizza cooking, however this takes 3 hours to bring up to heat. I also have an outside oven built into a brick wall, with a 4’ internal diameter made from precast shaped dome pieces set on an insulted based and covered with a fibre glass wool insulation blanket then chicken wire and three layers of differing grades of hydraulic lime mixed with varying grades of expanded clay aggregate. 500 deg C inside 45 deg outside and still 250 deg C internally 12 hours later! So I know about and am passionate about proper pizza cooking. I love your oven, and bought it so that I can dedicate a totally separate oven to merely gluten free and allergy affected pizzas for the many weddings we do every year. Sadly it has been hijacked by the family and it looks like I may have to buy another one from you shortly. I put the oven together on my own (dustman arrived at the right time and helped lift top onto base as awkward rather than heavy) It took less than an hour despite the admittedly not too clear instructions. I did pre-fire the oven the day before first use to a moderate heat to get rid of any moisture in the fire bricks and avoid steam induced cracking. Would I buy another? Despite having ordered a portable pizza oven for our VW camper van, I am still waiting for delivery 9 months later! So yes expect another order soon, may even buy one for a friend. Top tip – I am used to ovens cooking 6 or so pizzas at a time and use large paddles, get a smaller turning paddle / peel and a number of smaller 10” wooden peels so that you can made the pizza directly onto these, but use plenty of flour so that they do not stick and if using the proper dough mix do not leave them on the peel too long as they will sweat and stick. Regards Nicholas Willcocks
10/02/2017Nicholas Willcocks

As a HETAS engineer, I can highly recommend this stove. I've fitted a few (first installation being 2 years ago now) with no complaints or issues at all. Customer service at Stove World UK is second to none. The stove arrives quickly and it is perfectly contained and protected. Excellent company to deal with and I recommend them to all my customers.

Excellent stove at an excellent price. Really good service, had an issue with the delivery company which was quickly resolved by one of the customer service reps. No waiting on hold and a quick and friendly response. Have already recommended the company and will continue to do so.
05/02/2017Cherry Glasgow

Haven't fired it up yet... but - Service from Stove World was 1st Class, quick delivery and sorted out a customer service issue i caused without fuss :) - The stove - the quality of the unit is unbelievable considering the price. very happy so far.
27/01/2017Mark Young

I had previous bought a Highclere 4.5KW stove and was really impressed with this stove. So I was keen to buy again off StoveWorld. We wanted to install the CL50 insert in exactly the same size room as our brilliant Highclere Stove. The CL50 insert performs nowhere near as well as the Highclere multi-fuel burner, despite both being advertised as the same heat output (4.5KW).. both are in identical room sizes, and use the same fuel (wood under 15% moisture content and good quality coal). I am really disappointed with the heat output from the CL50 insert stove. The insert stove also came with the wrong manual. I have called up, been given Karl's contact details who sent the correct manual, but on asking what we can do to increase the heat output, I have heard nothing after getting in touch numerous times.
24/01/2017Gavin, Devon

3 yrd year, 3rd cold season with the Victoria cookstove.........still the best thing we ever did for heating and enjoying the winter months as best one can........getting bread, pizzas, jacket pots out of the oven still has not lost the novelty of free cooking heat............I found that seasoning the stove top plate and inside the oven box with veg oil protects it from rust in the long lay off period (ie. when not using it). Man this thing is economical on the fire wood, bangs out heat and gives us endless hot water (when we put a big stock pot on the hotplate) Just cant fault the fire............love it love it love it ! the price is just amazing and still what we paid for it a few years ago..............go for it if you have a big kitchen diner, you wont regret it
21/01/2017jan warrington

I am very happy with my Ottawa 5kw. It is a fantastic stove and proves you don't need to spend a fortune to get a decent log burner. Some of the makes are 4 times as expensive and appear to be just as good as the Ottawa. The service I received from Stoveworld UK was top notch and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a log burning stove. "Images in the gallery" Jamie

Just installed this 5KW Curve into my little terrace house. I have fitted over 10,000 fires over 40 years. Chose this purely on looks and I'm not disappointed. Very surprised at the heat output it's more than I thought. It has been installed with 316 150mm Tecnoflex liner so not expecting any problems. I would recommend this stove to any of my clients the air wash really works well I have no marks on the window after 2 days burning and refuelling is reasonably good. Happy days.
13/01/2017Fire Fitters Uk

recently purchased Ottawa 12kw stove staff at stoveworld brilliant .delivery brilliant .stove brilliant .not had central heating on since fitted about 6 weeks ago well pleased
09/01/2017Paul mason

I purchased a 7 K watt ottawa stove and was very pleased when it was delivered within 48 hours and it was packaged well and it appears just as good as stoves we viewed that would of cost around £1200. I would recommend buying a stove from this company to anyone looking to buy a stove. The customer service is great and I was surprised to have the stove delivered within 48 hours with it being so close to christmas.
04/01/2017Kevin Simpson

Thanks stoveworld for the ottawa 5kw deffra approved stove packed brilliantly and is of the highest quality , it has provided a good focal point for my room had my stove installed by alan Danbury Fires Ltd wallington who done an excellent job! at reasonable price.
04/01/2017Alan Danbury

Never thought I would ever say my living room would be to hot, by far the best money ever spent. I would urge anyone who has a big livingroom with an open coal fire to change to one of these stoves, less fuel and less mess. Would highly recommend and great efficient service from company.

Great Buy. We brought the Ottawa for our new house as we needed a small stove to fit a small inglenook in a modern house. Having parted with a larger Morso stove from our previous house I had studied the reviews for some time before committing. Having the stove in now for a good month I have no regrets, the stove is a fabulous. Don't be put off by the affordable price, all previous reviews are bang on, you would be silly paying more for a similar spec stove.
29/12/2016Paul Armstrong

Had this stove installed and working for three weeks now.What a superb purchase.As a first time buyer of a stove we are amazed by the heat it produces.The fitter who installed and tested our stove remarked that the quality of this stove is better than many stoves costing three times what we paid.We are so impressed that we are now looking to buy an inset stove for a second room.I would not hesitate to recommend stoveworld .

Fantastic stove with great control. Nice big glass front giving out good heat. I have had stoves in 2 previous houses and this is by far the best one I have had

The Coseyfire petite 5kw. Was delivered quickly and packed well. An easy multi burner to us and provides great warmth. We are very happy with our purchase and would recommend.
19/12/2016Samantha El bakkali

Hi Stoveworld, we were very impressed with the stoves arriving so promptly. They look very nice and we felt the prices paid for them very reasonable. Unfortunately our installer was not as reliable as you. The stoves are still sitting in the middle of the sitting rooms so we cannot comment on their efficiency etc. yet. Kind Regards Siv MacArthur
16/12/2016Siv Macarthur

Had our stove now for 4 years and it's Great. Nice large chamber and puts out plenty of heat. Well done Stove world. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to friends.
15/12/2016John Bellinger