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Customer Reviews

We are so happy with our order, absolutely love our new multi-fuel burner! It looks great. Thanks again
16/10/2017Amy Robinson

Tried it today for the first time. Absolutely brilliant. Delicious pizza, bread and roast lamb. I think we’ll get a lot of use from this! Really easy to put together if you get with stand, my only complaint would be that the stand is low so there’s a lot of bending down.

We have had this stove for near on 4 yrs now and have just had to order a new baffle plate. Having a very large lounge we thought this might be up to the job, It is and more !! No complaints about the product or the service we have received. A very good purchase from a good company IMO.
11/10/2017Charmaine Grief

Dear Stove World UK, We just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for our Ottawa 5kw, which we fitted last week. It is so simple and neat and easy to use, and keeps our 19ft x 12ft double aspect living room in a draughty 1920s house really warm. We haven’t even touched our central heating yet. Our stove already feels like a member of the family. Thank you again. Best wishes, Jayne and Simon
28/09/2017Jayne & Simon

Had this stove for 10 months now - fitted January 17. Used it for last winter and have just had the first couple of burns recently. A great stove. The red enamel is a brilliant look, very different from the standard black stoves. It takes a bit of practice to get the right burn - just enough flame without eating logs like no tomorrow. I've found having the vents fully open to start and getting a roaring fire to burn up the first logs makes a good bed of hot coals. Then dial the vents right down, the circular one on the front almost fully closed and it burns nice and steady. Not tried an overnight burn yet, but I guess it would have to be a hefty sized log to achieve this. Size is good, look is amazing. I'm currently doing the kitchen diner up at the minute and am eyeing up the 16kw double sided one. I will certainly use stoveworld again.
23/09/2017Mark Engers

Bought the 5KW Elegance (with log store) by call and collect from Stove World two weeks ago as a smaller replacement for our ageing wood burner. Not quite fire season yet but it's been on test for the last three nights and I am very impressed so far. It is highly controllable and experimentation with combinations of top and bottom air controls produces a long clean burn with kiln dried hardwood, seasoned hardwood and smokeless coal. Burned the latter last night without banking up before bed and still glowing this morning with very little glass blemish. Solidly built, great output and economical - the secondary burn feature is a canny invention! Terrific value for £260 including log store and helpful service from Stove World - so a very worthwhile investment
20/09/2017Phil Coates

Hello Stoveworld, Very impressed with the advice and service given. The stove delivered as promised and extremely well packed ensuring no damage on arrival. Fitted in fire place and looks fantastic. Having had previous stoves from main manufacturers at twice the price I can see no difference in build quality or cosmetic appearance. Very satisfied with the whole experience. W Turner
18/09/2017William Turner

Couldn't of asked for a better service. Visited the warehouse as it wasn't to far from home. The guys in the warehouse we extremely helpful in showing us the stoves and so informative. The girls on the office we also extremely helpful and answered all the questions we had. As for the stove it looks lovely and was such a great price. Couldn't fault the product or service at all. Would definitely recommend!
16/09/2017Rebecca Foy

We did a lot of research and read all the reviews before purchasing this stove and we couldn't have bought better. We are very pleased with this multi fuel stove which is a very good price and was delivered within 2 days of ordering. Excellent service from Stoveworld.
14/09/2017Elaine Barry

An excellent stove well made & fit for purpose. Don't be put off by the price as I also thought it wouldn't be very good quality I was wrong. A really good product.
10/09/2017Neil Gregory

Hi Sorry for the delay in responding but it took some time to have the stove fitted - it is now in and I have been through the 'burning-in' process: the neighbors must think we are mad running a stove in August! I couldn't be more pleased with our Ottawa stove. It lights easily and quickly gets to the stage where logs can be added. The air vents are responsive and makes management of the fire a breeze - pun intended
08/09/2017Andy G

I had a £2000+ inglenook fireplace and updated it with the Nero 11, what a difference in everyway, much cleaner, glass is always totally see through and the heat is fantastic. Thank you Stove world.
29/08/2017robert martinez

Fantastic fire. We have looked at many and even ones that were way more pricey they didn't match the great contemporary look and the KW output we wanted, we loved the large glass front. We were a little apprehensive as we hadn't seen it before buying, although the sales team did say we were welcome to visit the office to see one. On ordering it arrived really quickly and the delivery guys left it exactly where we had requested. Having had it installed it hasn't disappointed. It was easy to install and looks fab. We've had a few fires and it is perfect. It has a good pull and the controls are very effective. Even though we haven't finished the room it is installed in yet and if light a fire we are having to sit on floor! we absolutely love it and we would highly recommend.

Limited by the choice of wood stove we could fit in builders opening we purchased the flue from stove world only. The point of concern I had when buying the stove else where was "Free MA Adapter" offered. Being too poor to buy cheap and keep replacing I bought a 5 inch 904 flue, stainless chimney pot cowl and an MA adapter from stove world. I was pleasantly surprised at the good quality and service, we called to question if dura flue was directional as no arrows as we would normally expect and customer service advisor was helpful. Good quality products and service at a fair price

At first I was hesitant to buy from Stoveworld as I was wondering what the catch was, why are they so cheap?! But after reading through the other reviews, a good read through the website and a quick conversation with customer services, i could see no reason not to go ahead! We were limited on size but Stoveworld had the perfect stove for us. I would not hesitate in recommending the company; customer service - excellent, delivery - super fast and the stove is high quality and looks great, amazing really for the price. Thank you for providing us with such a beautiful focal point in our new room ☺
09/08/2017Jo Davies

Well made and excellent value for money. Only just taken delivery, but pleased with the quality of the oven. Relatively easy to build the stand, but you do need at least two, preferably three, people to lift the oven into position. Once it is on the stand it is easy to move about. Just one comment - the stand could do with being taller - when making pizzas it is good to have the oven opening just below eye level - it saves bending when loading and retrieving your pizza. But a first class product and first class service.
31/07/2017Mr J

have just bought our cosyfire 16 .love the look of it not connected yet .just had to thank stove world for there excellent service.delivery £40 but worth it ordered sunday evening delivered Tuesday morning.stoveworld kept us informed about delivery,very good .looking forward to cold nights with stove lit
25/07/2017julie hill

OMG this is amazing!! The price is unbelievable, it's strong, sturdy and well made. This is not an example of a cheap product. It took about an hour to assemble but it's definitely a two person job. The oven weighs quite a bit. We fired it up, let the logs burn, got it to a good temperature and boom the pizza took about 3 mins to cook and tasted AMAZING. You cannot achieve the same effect in a normal oven. This beats all pizzas you've ever cooked hands down. And it's a total bonus because you made it, in you're back garden. If you're looking to get an oven, stop searching and just buy this one. If you want the fancy clay and bricks and have the money, go for it, BUT for everyone else this is an outstanding product and well worth it.
13/07/2017Fiona Rennie

WOW - Very Impressed with 5KW Curve and the service we received from Stove World We did plenty of research both locally and on-line and believe we have made the best decision using SW. Guess if you are buying from a showroom or a fitter they need to make their mark up, decided to go direct and save some cash – there is absolutely nothing cheap about the quality of the curve, it weighs around 80KG and is very sturdy, the door opening is smooth and precise, the window is huge! Wasn't sure if we should go for the Ottawa or Curve (also considered the 7KW versions) both look great. 7KW would have probably been a bit too big for our opening of 23”. In the end went for the more simplistic modern look of the 5KW Curve. Ordered on the Mon and it was delivered Wed afternoon, got emails to keep us up to date. Packaging was first class, carefully wrapped on a pallet. We also ordered the installation parts (Flue liner, bends & Cowl). Don’t write reviews much but felt we needed to with this
28/06/2017Mart & Mel

Used for the first time this evening and love it. We're 2 complete novices and found it really easy to use. Made four pizzas, burnt the first a little as didn't expect it to cook so fast but after that the next 3 were perfect. Can't wait to give some other non pizza recipes a go. Would definitely recommend!

Over the last 50 odd years I have had, in various homes, quite a variety of wood burners. Most have served me well but the Noriko is most satisfactory in all respects. Initially I was surprised at the cost which was lower than most others with a similar claimed output. However this stove has really exceeded my expectations over the last few years. Quality, output,ease of lighting and cleaning and overnight burning (with the right wood) are all first class. Thank you Stove World for warming our home.
10/06/2017Michael J. Compton.

We had this stove installed in March and it is running almost every day since. The stove takes a rear external air feed so our fitter just installed a flexible pipe down into our vented crawl space under the living room. We could switch off the central heating earlier this year as we just fire up the stove when it is a bit too chilly in the evenings. Very easy to fire up. When I compare the build quality to much more expensive brands we had in holiday cottages I cannot really see much of a difference.

Installation completed today and really pleased. Lovely large glass front and easy controls. Highly recommended.
06/06/2017Ann Herbert

The best mobile wood fired pizza oven you could ever find. Easy to use, strong and durable. Copy and paste the you tube link, it shows my first attempt, I did leave it a bit too long! The others came out better looking. https://youtu.be/RbOD8_fE3zE

When I originally started looking for a log burner my installer recommended looking at reviews and and visiting showrooms and also stoveworld for the best prices. I'd already seen the ottowa 5kw and really liked the look of it, after reading reviews on many stoves I kept going back to the ottowa, easy ordering and communication as I requested delivery for my day off. Delivered as arranged and beautifully packaged! I've just had it installed and although not yet used other than when installer tested (on a very hot day!) he was impressed with the stove and even more so the price!! I'm so pleased it looks fantastic and I honestly can't wait to use when it gets cooler! Thank you stoveworld. David Wilson-jones
30/05/2017David Wilson-jones

Very Happy with the service from Stove World UK. Very good prices and very prompt delivery. Would definitely recommend. Thanks

Hello, Just a quick note of thanks for the brilliant customer service from placing the order and replacing a part that was damaged on delivery. Great product, great price and great customer service, would highly recommend to any potential customers. Just need the sunshine back for a week or two. Many Thanks Paul Craven, Buxton
16/05/2017Paul Craven

Thank you very much for our lovely stove, its a great feature in our new home and we are extremely pleased with it. We did shop around before purchasing the stove from yourselves and found that your prices were much more competetive and the stove itself was much more what we wanted. we were looking for a modern contemporary stove which is exactly what we got. Service from your company has been excellent, We have used you before and purchased a very similar stove in our old home. We have already recommened you.
15/05/2017Helen Davidson

Truly believe that this price, I've ripped stove world off! I can not the quality and enjoyment I get out of this oven. I shopped around and everything in this price range was pretty tacky looking and not good quality. Having stumbled across this site and taking the dive, my home life in the garden has changed! Such an awesome price of kit, looks incredible and cooks even better than it looks. Yes as other people mention the gauge blackens... there like £3 off amazin and take 1 minute to change. It is also a little short for when actually cooking for me, however, it's got wheels so I pull it over to where we are sitting and we have a awesome heater for the evening! Absolutely love this oven! Well done stove world! Could you let me know when the cover is in stock? Thanks!
20/04/2017Darryl Emery

Bought the green machine this week and what can I say! It's easy to put together, a little heavy but the wife and I managed to get it out of the car ok. Took about an hour to put together as I'm a little anal about laying things out and checking everything's there. Fired it up and was up to 250°c in 2minutes and upto about 450°c after 15-20minutes, cooks great and now going to experiment with roasts, lasagne etc. Wish I'd bought it sooner, excellent value, well made. Thanks for an easy sale and putting in the boot of my car...
19/04/2017Bill Wilkin

We ordered this wood burner for our Glamping site and we love it ! Great service, brilliant product and we get lots of complements on the woodburner. We are also in the process of ordering our second one. I would highly recommend by from Stoveworld as they sell good quality stoves. Thank you!

Dear all Thankyou for your great service, and we are very happy with the new stove. The Ecosy+ Purefire 7-8 kw stove is well made at a very reasonable price. Only just had the stove fitted, and have attached a photo for your website. We are very happy with this fire and would recommend it to others. Regards
13/04/2017David Warne

I am glad I brought this product. 45 mins to build and get in place. A two person job. Used two fire lighters and 1/4 of a pack of kindling at the rear of the oven. Then five mins later added two logs. Left for two more mins and started cooking the pizzas. Took two mins approx per pizza, 5 pizzas in about 10 mins. Very satisfied customers. Just need a cover for the colder days and need to practice a roast dinner or two. Great product very satisfied.
07/04/2017Martin Stanley-Wright

if you buy another stove from someone else your mad ,this 5kw defra ottawa stove is brillant ,the price is very good compared to others iv seen out there .it even looks bigger & better than the pic .this is my first stove fitted so i was a bit green on how things work & what i needed ,stoveworld was brillant with all my questions ,i orderd the stove liner & all other kit i needed to fit the stove ,it all came on one load ,delivery was quick brillant & very well packed ,i was very pleased & the price was good too.
21/03/2017jason Ellison

I put my new stove in this weekend, and I am Very happy with the way it looks,The heat from the stove is amazing. Thank you Stove World for a great service.

Dear Sir, I am delighted with my Ecosy 7.4 DEFRA Stove. The delivery was 'spot on', very helpful 'good looking' young man. My wife wanted to keep him instead of the fire but I assured her the fire would be warmer and more cost effective in the long run. I managed to get my stove into my estate car and took it all the way to Ireland. I must have saved about £400 by doing this, as the same quality and type of stove over there seem much more expensive. I have fitted the stove myself, as I am a bit of a clever dick and am an annoying 'know all' type of guy. Now I intend to bore all my visitors to death and tell them how clever I am and how good Stove World are. I did hours and hours of research before deciding on this stove. I am not disappointed. Thank you and keep up the good work. Leigh