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Help Me Choose a Woodburning Stove

Need a little help?

There's no need to be confused about buying your woodburning stove. The two main things you need to consider are the size of your room and the style of your decor.

Start by measuring the size of your room in metres, then decide whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary look and we'll recommend a Best Buy for your home.

NB. Our calculation is based on a room height of 2.4m. If your house is significantly different, adjust your width and length figures a bit. See below.

1. What size is your room (in metres)?

Width: Length:

2. Choose a Style

Traditional Contemporary


Poorly insulated room/ Conservatory
Add a little onto the room size to compensate for this.
Radiators in the room that will be on
Take a little off to compensate for this.
Free standing stove
Take a little off as more heat is radiated from the stove and flue pipe.
High/Low ceiling
Adjust your figures a little bit if your ceiling height is not around 2.4m.