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Customer Reviews

Stunning little fire from a great company. Fantastic value for money and much better than my previous stove that was here when I moved in.
04/03/2021D Brown

Gives your stove a bit of chunky class, easy to fit, and easy to remove, not that you would want to remove it. Stay safe you all, and get the covid vaccine. Tosh123
01/03/2021tosh 123

So good i bought another one.

Excellent service and a super bit of kit.
23/02/2021Mike Taylor

Lovely oven and super service. Had it for a few seasons now and would not be without it.
08/02/2021Dan Elliot

I got this around 4 years ago and its been used quite heavily in winter running on logs. Its stood up well and functions perfectly apart from the oven heater control which has stuck but probably just needs cleaning. Produces a lot of heat and hot water and the oven cooks very even. Stove glass seems to clean itself when very hot. I think it's well made and very good value. If I had to get one again I'd pick the same one. Can go through a lot of wood but it's a big house.
05/02/2021Scott MacNab

Excellent quality and exactly what we needed for our area

SILENT, as it should be, fits perfect on the panoramic multi fuel and does move the heat out into the room, have used these type of fans before and they do work. But this one is really silent, silent, silent, and did i mention its silent. Tosh.

First stove household.Absolutely delighted with it.Great to just sit and watch it-who needs the tv on.Thoroughly happy with this company-execellent delivery,stove came very well packaged.Ordered the extra tall log guard at the same time and can only say I think it is a must if getting this stove.Quite possibly the best thing we've done to the house.

Ive had this stove about 4 months now and really impressed with it...Ive managed to keep it burning all night which has been really comfortable in the current cold spell.. A couple of minor things which would make it even more impressive.. The ash pan has no front lip on which is a bit dangerous as it tends to spill hot ash out when carrying.. I modified mine by fitting a length of 22 mm steel angle strip on... The mitten makes it almost impossible to grasp the control buttons...I bought a set of fireproof gloves off Ebay which are much better as they have fingers.. Other than that I would recommend this stove any day.
24/01/2021William Chesters

Purchased this stove to replace my ottawa 5kw multi fuel defra stove purchased from stoveworld, both of them. Ottawa perfect, no faults at all, really good heat output and looks a little cracker to, but just fancied a bigger picture, glass. Had Ottawa for two years now and more than happy with stove and stoveworld. As for the Panaramic multi fuel, defo got that bigger picture, you just dont realise the difference till its installed. The price for the size and quality is REALLY good compered to other stoves the same size from different company s. Plus the fact you have instant backup for help, spares ect from stoveworld. Going to slowly cure paint for the next week, and looking forward to a proper fire with this big picture glass. Many thanks to Kelly and Izzy from stoveworld for all there help and understanding, with purchase and delivery. Tosh123
23/01/2021Tosh 123

Arrived very quickly. Replacement grate fitted my wood burner perfectly

We have received our 5kw Coseyfire Elegance CLEAN BURN in double quick time thank you for that. I has now been installed and I must say it is far more economical than our old one that used to eat up fuel and the heat was unbearable. We have now got the right fire for our needs and I must say we are over the moon with it. Your customer service is second to none and we cannot thank you enough.

I am not sure what rating to give this oven. The whole unit is beautifully made. However, the unit is welded together as a single piece. This means that the inside of the oven cannot be removed. We have had ours for just over a year. However this December our local sweep gave us a WARNING NOTICE. He could not clean around the oven. I asked Stoveworld for help or to contact our chimney sweep to tell him how to clean the oven. They kindly replied to my first two emails but ignored further requests. They have not contacted our Sweep. This means that we will have to pay our installer to remove the oven and fit a new pipe. The oven, lovely as it is, is completely useless in situ. We do have a problem: no access plate, but the Sweep cannot see a way to clean the oven, either with brushes or with his Vax. We have no option but to have it removed. Stoveworld say that there is nothing wrong with the oven, which is true per se, but nevertheless it is a useless piece of equipment to us now.
08/01/2021Steven McCarthy

A really good stove. Easy to light and extremely easy to control. Very little waste and a clean burn with seasoned wood. 8 months in and absolutley love it.
04/01/2021Nicholas Taylor

I’m more than thrilled with the Hampton highline. It’s mine and my husbands first wood burning stove and it has been brilliant so far, gives off a great heat, and is easy to light! The large glass front really looks amazing. Not only that but the customer service is BEYOND exceptional. Thank you stove world!!!
31/12/2020Naomi Tyson

Firstly, the guys at this company are brilliant. Super helpful and seem pretty knowledgable. Good stoves and really good prices. This is the second stove I’ve bought and wouldn’t personally go anywhere else in future. The stove: last time we bought the standard ecosy 5kw. Really solid stove which is pretty amazing for £350 or so. This stove is in that same range but newer I think. It’s a really good step on from the last design. The wide window is great! The single control at the front is much improved and simplifies usage a great deal. Finally, it just burns brilliantly.. you can let it burn down to almost nothing, throw on a log and open up the vent to get it going again. Very pleased.

Absolutely love this stove! Wasn't sure as no review but basically same but better than 5kw as it is bigger and more heat ;-) i am so glad i went to bigger size. My engineer finds it so easy to fit and works fine. Used every single day since installation on 6th of Nov. So far so good. Very pleased! Wish it comes with black handle and black air controller.... :)

Hi Another festive snap for you ???? thank you so much, we are delighted with our new stove ???? We were really happy with the excellent customer service when our order was delayed slightly. Best wishes Catherine and Rob Johnstone
23/12/2020Catherine and Rob Johnstone

excellent stove for the price, purchased this stove as we wanted something more modern looking for a new build house. We had a different model stove from this same producer in our old farmhouse so we were hopeful that this stove would be as good and we were not disappointed. Gives out a lovely gentle heat perfect for the new, well insulated property. Shuts in and burns nice and gently giving decent life when loaded with logs. Looks are good and it stands up well to stoves double the price. If you want a curved front stove I don’t think you can beat this stove for value.
18/12/2020Angus Scott

If I could give more than 5* then I certainly would, both for the fire and the company. They both deliver! Simple to start and a joy to adjust whilst sat in my arm chair- stretching out a foot , twiddle a toe and mission completed! With well seasoned logs, so important with all stoves, it heats my house very well. The designers have come up trumps with this one ! The company, were very quick with the delivery, keeping me well informed throughout the whole buying process. I’ve had several wood burners over the years( different properties) and this is the best yet. I bought the DEFRA approved model , in view of the new regulations coming into play in 2020, which prevents the air flow being completely restricted, thus giving a more ‘planet friendly’ combustion, so don’t expect to be able to have an overnight burn -those days are over. Used as recommended, I feel this unit will be with me for long time indeed and that thought makes me very happy !

Had ours installed by a couple of weeks ago and we love it. It’s super easy to run and control, gives a great heat. Just letting the ash slowly compact and build up. Just wished the front grid was better and keeping the ash in :)
16/12/2020Mike Krus

Cannot rate this company enough great all round from beginning to end with a superb product to boot .
10/12/2020Lee Schofield

worst fire ever, its meant to be multi fuel but it will only burn anthracite eggs for coal, if its just as a stand alone wood burner its great
08/12/2020alan clark

After moving house and leaving our lovely stove behind we were very keen to have a stove fitted at our new place. Our installer recommended the Ecosy+Snug 5kw, to be honest we were a bit hesitant because of the price, at under £500 it was less than half the cost of our previous stove. We had no reason to worry though, not only does it look good it is very easy to operate, the burn is very controllable meaning it is very economical on fuel. Now well into the heating season the stove is used every night with wood and produces very little ash (we only empty the stove once per week), also we are impressed with how clean the glass keeps, which was a pet hate with our last stove. All in all, a great stove at a great price.
07/12/2020Michael Calver

Great looking stove and burns well with seasoned hardwood. Was installed by a recommended/ qualified fitter. But... the glass turns brown if logs are burnt near the front of the hearth, so I either have to try and put them at the back or clean the glass after every use. Also, due to the height of the door (possibly) if it's opened too quickly, smoke comes out into the room instead of up the flue. If it goes out when lighting, I have to wait until it has fully died down before opening, as again, any smoke will come out into the room. Probably great for occasional use, but wouldn't buy it again.
27/11/2020Simon Berryman

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my new burner! This is a first for me but something I have wanted for a log time. The burner itself is great, gives out plenty of heat and suits our room perfectly! Our fitter said he had recently fitted one of these and was pleased with how easy it was to install.
24/11/2020Adam Bott

Unfortunately this product did not fit my brand of stove (B&Q Beldray stove). Product looked well made and delivered in good condition but my mistake for thinking this would match the similar looking bolt pattern - it didn’t.

Amazed, moved from a wood gobbling poor heating thing to this, what a difference, large 3 bedroom house heats up nicely, averaging 22 C in other rooms, and anything from 25 to 35 C in the ground floor, a couple of eco fans spreads the heat from this beauty well, shorts and T shirts on a cold dark winters night - excellent. Also, we have noticed a substantial drop in the amount of wood we actually use on an evening, great air control, better burning and worth every penny we spent on it. Could not recommend it more.
21/11/2020Frankie Clifford

Absolutely amazing... looks fabulous heats the room perfect!! Great service for stoveworld we are over the moon. Great value for money as well. Thanks ????????
20/11/2020Michelle Surtees

Great customer service, thought I had ordered twice, so sent e mail and got a very prompt reply. My order arrived this morning on the day they said it would be delivered. I am very impressed and would not hesitate to recommend.
20/11/2020Keith Jackson

Amazing quality and price, great service, can’t fault. Very happy.
16/11/2020Robert R

This stove is amazing. Great build quality and lovely large window. It's so easy to use adaptable, giving out great heat when it's on full, but coming down to a much gentler background heat when required. We live in a drafty old Georgian house in Scotland and this has transformed it!
14/11/2020Simon Hannigan

Our old stovewe struggled to get going. It was installed by previous owner of the house. Then found out it wasn’t within regs with our oak beam and there wasn’t enough hearth in front. Instead of swapping the oak for concrete I preferred to purchase a stove I knew would be efficient and made in the uk. I needed one which was smaller in height to my old one and the Hampton was the only one I could find which allowed enough of a clearance. A fantastic stove! Unbelievable easy to light and get going with lots of heat very quickly. Quick delivery and packaged on a small pallet very well. Would recommend both stove world and the Hampton 5.

Excellent build quality and an amazing wood burner which leaves very little ash whilst being very efficient. Defra approved and Eco ready with the most affordable price on the market. Highly recommended!
11/11/2020Andi F

I have yet to get it installed but it looks amazing. Exactly what I was looking for. The staff were very helpful in helping me decide and dealing with a small problem I had.
09/11/2020Paul Hedden