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It's a lovely stylish stove and throws out a lot of heat; compared with some stoves this is well priced and good quality and I'd be happy to recommend it. Best wishes
16/11/2018Sue Boulding

Was considering a Stovex model but after doing our research we found the purefire curve which looks just as good but no where near the expense! We’ve had it for few months now and I honestly couldn’t fault it! Once it gets going it does kicks out some heat.

Don't be fooled by the claims from suppliers of high-end expensive stoves that their products are simply the only sensible option when looking for a new wood burner. With first hand experience of leading brands and looking to replace one of these in our large hall we decided to take a more objective view of value and performance versus brand and came across Stove World and their Ottawa 12KW multi fuel fire. Speaking to the help desk was a refreshing experience with none of the technical jargon endured from other well known sites. The stove was delivered within two days by a very helpful driver and on time as promised. The fire is brilliant and is very easy to light and can be controlled from low shut down to roaring fire with a slide of the front facing control. The clean burn works and on lighting the heat is immediate and quickly reaches optimum temperature allowing the fire to be shut down a little to conserve fuel. I can fully recommend Stove World!
12/11/2018Karen Bushell

Fantastic service , excellent communication from start to finish . Thank you very much stoveworld
08/11/2018Steven J

The stove itself not only looks great but it is also very well made. It looks and feels like a stove that's over double the price. There is one lever at the bottom to control air feed and a simple handle to open the door. There is also the option to have the flue pipe coming out of the top or out the back of the stove. Once lit, the stove belts out the heat to the room and the large glass front makes the stove a real eye turner. I’ve been using open fires for many years and I can’t quite believe how much better this is at heating the room, along with how much less fuel it uses. I’ve had no issues putting logs into this stove, all different sizes of my chopped logs fit inside and burn well. Would I recommend the Slimline Ecosy+ Panoramic Woodburning Stove to my family and friends? 100% yes I would recommend it. I would also recommend Stove world UK to anyone considering buying a stove, they’ve been great to deal with.
31/10/2018Stephen Clelland

brought this stove 18 months ago and its great never had heating on in house as this stove keeps all my house warm . fast delivery and great advice from staff over phone.
29/10/2018Darren pickaver

Simply the best -- had this stove now 4 yrs -- at some point i will replace - def with the same one -- soooo pleased

Bought my stove a few months ago but only had it installed last month. It’s a fab stove really easy to use and looks great. My stove fitter had never come across this brand before and couldn’t believe the price he was really impressed with it.

I am very please with my recent purchase from stoveworld. I went for a 10kw as I have an open plan stone cottage but the stove warms it up nicely! The stove looks great and it was delivered just a few days after I had purchased it. My only criticism would be to have more information on how to remove the firebricks/baffles for maintaince/sweeping as I havnt figured out how to yet! But other than this I would 100% reccomend the stove and stoveworld!
24/10/2018Stuart Hayes

My partner bought me the Cove Pizza Oven as a birthday gift it’s amazing so easy to put together tested it out with homemade pizza first which was amazing followed by roast chicken the following day which was amazing, as others have said the thermometer thing on the door is a Total waste of time it was blackened after first use to the point you can’t read it didn’t matter to me as I had an infra red one which is much more accurate so I rely on that instead they really need to come up with something to stop them going black or change the design to something better, as others have said it is low to the ground and could be higher on the stand saves a lot of bending down I wheel my oven out in front of my arbour seat which is the perfect height for seeing Into the oven and taking things in and out of the oven but not every one may have that option this oven is very well made apart from the temp gauge on the door and the food it cooks is fab
22/10/2018Vicky Brown

Excellent cover, really good fit. Unbelievable value for money
19/10/2018Mark Cummings

Brilliant stove warms the whole house hardly uses any fuel thinking of getting another one to replace front room fire can’t believe how cheap it was for the quality you get would recommend to any one
19/10/2018 Vivien notman

Hi I purchased my stove from you last month but did not install it straight away so I haven't got back to you sooner. It is now installed and I am delighted with it! It is a lovely stove and probably even better than I expected. I ordered it on the 3/9/18 and it arrived 3 days later in southern Ireland which very quick. It is very efficient and really puts out some heat, but the heat can also be turned down and adjusted very easily. It also stays alight overnight when shut down completely. Very happy with this stove. I have one thing to say about the delivery and that is it arrived on a very large lorry(30ft) which could not get up my road, so I had to arrange for it to be collected from a location about a mile away. My road normally gets oil delivery's, sand and gravel etc no problem so maybe check delivery company to make sure they are using a suitable vehicle for future reference. I have recommended this stove to a number of people already and will continue to do so. Kind regards, Many thanks from a very warm Irune Reed.
15/10/2018Irune Reed

Thanks for our 5kw cosyfire , we did have a parkray in place for the past 30 years ,never been pleased with its heat output ,deciced on the above stove as a feature in conjunction with our biomass system. When burner arrived was quite shocked to see how small it was in comparison to our ageing parkray ,and thought we had made a big mistake,but this negativity soon gave way to a very pleasant surprise,when the wood burner got going ,and the heat from this small vessel surprised us ,we would not hesitate buying one of these again and would recommend to anyone, looking forward to many warm night sitting by this great piece of kit ,thanks from the Richards family
15/10/2018Richards Family

Very pleased. Having had stoves in our last two properties we couldnt wait to get one in now we have moved. Researched carefully and chose the Coseyfire 12Kw double sided. Well designed and quality feel to the stove, it burns well. All we wanted really. Very good service from Stoveworld. Many thanks
12/10/2018J Herbert

Hi here is my review ... I purchased a 7k wood burner from stoveworld in 2016 - it’s a fantastic stove - warms up really quick and blasts out the heat Just had to replace side bricks - found them no problem on the website and ordering and delivery was simple and quick I would Recommend this stove and company Thank you Deborah Craig
09/10/2018D Craig

Bought the Ottawa 5 Defra stove on the recommendation of Darren from Dalisa Fireplaces, Northumberland. Glad we took his advice. Brilliant stove. Worth every penny.

It was all very easy to order a Stove World UK woodburner. In fact it couldn’t be easier! I checked on the phone if they were able to deliver on the day I needed them which was only 2 days after I bought it! Voila, it turned up and they emailed me in the morning to let me know it was on its way. I have only lit it a few times, following carefully the instructions and so far so good. All I need to do now is tell everyone that I highly recommend them! 5 stars for sure. E Kelly Hampshire
05/10/2018E Kelly

Sorry but we didn't buy ours from Stove World as we bought one privately that was only 6 month old. Nevertheless it is a great Burner and keeps the house lovely and warm. The one and only problem we have had was the glass fell out and broke. This is how I came across Stove World who I was delighted to see the extensive range of spare parts and have been able to get a replacement.

Super fire!!! Looks great and kicks out some heat. I did a lot of research before buying and chose this, the customer service I have received from the team at stove world has also been 5* Thank you!!!

Hi stove world Team Can't state how excited I was when I received my Purefire curve, from order to delivery was 3 days and so pleased with the quality, it looks modern but sits perfectly inside a more rustic setting, the large glass panel in the front has had all my friends and family transfixed. And heat output once it gets going which doesn’t take long at all is brilliant I’m looking forward to some cold winter nights sat in front of my fire. It’s helped make my house a home.
01/10/2018Phillip Kenwright

We're very impressed with this stove. It looks wonderful and with the stove plus 2 large panel radiators in hallway and landing heats the whole home

Perfect. After lots of research online this stove is the best. Great price, well made, packaged well and good communication from Stove world. I can not fault it. Highly recommend.
25/09/2018Mr. Robinson

Hi I was impressed by the quality of the flue and the cowling attachment for the top of the chimney which made for a professional installation It was worth buying a quality product and can recommend this kit to anyone wanting to install a flue Regards
20/09/2018Chris Sinclair

Just bought this stove not fitted yet but first impressions this seems a very good solid stove. And I've no complaints dealing with stove World UK it all seamed to run smoothly and on time. Once this is fitted and running I will write another review. Thanks
18/09/2018James walker

Stove arrived today, i am really impressed with the quality of this stove. Very fast dispatch and packaging was excellent.
11/09/2018Robert daunton

Bought this back in Feb 18 this yr & was fabulous for the beast from the east cold weather. Never had a stove before but can state the flame pattern & performance from this is excellent. Ordered stove, 904 liner, chimney pot, ma adapter & vitreous enamel flue pipe, you will get fantastic heat from what appeared to be a small stove to me looking forward to winter now! Don’t hesitate to buy if uncertain vs dearer brands as quality product without extra expense. -- Regards (PICTURES OF INSTALL UPLOADED TO GALLERY) Brian Smith
06/09/2018Brian Smith

I have already give review on this stove but was not experienced in lighting and filling so this is an updated version- absolutely amazing stove, I can light it in minutes and instead of loading as many logs as you can you only need 2 logs in my last review I mentioned got to be careful on stacking logs and that was because I was putting logs on top of half burned logs the key is wait till logs have burned to coals on the bottom it is now a breeze and now give it 5 stars, cannot praise enough!
26/08/2018Simon Stead

Wow decided to treat myself to this oven after a long deliberation but am so pleased with I did. Oven gets really hot and stays hot the only thing is the temp gauge gets very smoked and is hard to read after a while so I purchased a laser temp gauge which is much more accurate but well worth the money. If you are thinking of purchasing this oven then you will not be disappointed.
31/07/2018Dave Washington

As others have alluded to, the instructions can be hard to follow at times - we were particularly stumped with the axel for the wheels, which seemed like it should be the most simple part! However we managed in the end to get it all completed. The finished product looks good, and everything looks to be of a nice quality. We tested it the other night and came out with some cracking pizzas - the oven worked wonderfully. We were recording heats at the top of the oven as being above 400 C, but on the outside it topped out around 160 C. It looked as if the insulation was doing a good job. All in all I am very happy with the product and am definitely recommending this to others.

Highly recommend this stove and company. Stove delivered within 48 hours, extremely well packaged and fully warrants the £39.99 delivery charge. The stove looks amazing and the fitter was also complimentary of the quality of this stove. Great communication throughout from stoveworlduk. thanks so much.
21/07/2018Lee Thomas

Thank you so much. Great speedy delivery. Well packaged.... Just built a log store so oven nicely sits on top.... First use tonight and kids said best pizza they have ever tasted and I agree.... Thank you again. I have already recommended this oven to several friends. Now pictures on my Facebook page I think many more orders might come your way... Mr Carnegie
20/07/2018Tony Carnegie

Hi In response to the below I am more than happy to provide feedback. The ordering process was very simple and delivery was quick. Everything you would want. Assembling the stand could have been made easier with better instructions. I am adept at DIY and regularly complete all manner of jobs. However this did take some looking at in order to assemble and a few things had to be taken apart and redone as the ordering wasn’t quite apparent. That said it took about an hour instead of what could have been half an hour so not the end of the world. Once assembled we have been really pleased with the result. The product is really well made and finished superbly. It feels really substantial. Heating up doesn’t take long at all with kiln dried hard wood and the pizzas were way beyond expectation. After two goes and really impressing some close friends I couldn’t be more impressed. Thank you. Mark

Hi Very Happy with my stove and the speed it got here and the way it was packed. Its not getting installed untill the begining of August but will send photo when its done. Many thanks jeremy
16/07/2018Jeremy Coulling

Ordered the Pureview Curve 5kw after searching for a stove that would fit into our not very large fireplace but also had the look that we wanted. Our fitter suggested it as he had two. Reckoned if the fitter is impressed, it must be worth checking out! As soon as we saw it online, we loved its clean lines and large window, not to mention the price - less than half of the only other stove we liked. It is exactly the style we wanted and it looks and feels like a very good quality product. Very happy with Stoveworld service. Ordered late Sat, together with a crate of logs, email received Mon to advise delivery Tues. Arrived mid-day with a very helpful driver who helped separate stove from logs and push it up our short but steep driveway and set the logs down in a convenient spot. The stove has only just been fitted so we haven't had it lit yet apart from a short first burn so can't comment on performance.
15/06/2018Chris R. Aberystwyth

A friend at work bought a Pizza Oven from the Ideal Home Exhibition for a small fortune and I was instantly keen to join the club but didn't fancy a remortgage just to own one so the search began. I found Stove World UK after a Google search and was amazed by the price but as usual in this world I expected the quality to be not that good but as it fitted my budget I thought I'd take a leap of faith on the reviews alone and how glad I am that I did. I received my Green Machine Pizza Oven in just 2 days after ordering and it arrived beautifully packaged on a pallet. The assembly instructions were easy to follow and I soon had it set up. The oven is a work of art with all the fittings being stainless it will last for ever and as soon as it stops raining I will be cooking everything outside from this day forward. Thank you Stove World for your excellent service and superb quality oven I couldn't be more pleased with it. Youtube review and pictures to follow.
31/05/2018Simon Richards