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Please view each listing that will state the guarantee duration of each particular product.

Warranty covers manufacturing faults only and cannot exceed the price of the item purchased.

We do not cover the cost of installation or taking out a faulty stove that needs repairing or replacing. We do also not cover loss of time or loss of earnings.
The customer is requested to examine the goods as soon as reasonably possible,and should fault in the product be found i.e chipped casting we should be advised of such fault as soon as reasonably possible and before the item has been installed and used.
Should a manufacturing fault/defect become apparent, we will repair, replace or refund as appropriate.

When a part is supplied it is up to the client to fit the part. Warranty does not cover miss-use of product, e.g. over-burning of stoves through mis-use or ignorance of correct use.

The guarantee is active when the stove is invoiced. The unique 6 digit number on top of each invoice is the warranty number. For the stove to be covered unde rthe guarantee it MUST be installed by a HETAS engineer.

The warranty covers the stove body and does not cover:

  • glass
  • stove rope
  • coal grates
  • baffles
  • liners
These are classed as consumables and are not covered by warranty, unless received broken and signed as 'damaged'. We do offer these parts at a very reasonable price.