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Our Story

Since our humble beginnings in 2007, Stove World UK has grown into one of the UK's most familiar and trusted woodburning stove retailers thanks to our honest values, great products and overall brilliant service.

With room for 5,000 stoves in our Hampshire warehouse, we have a stove with your name on it ready to dispatch, right now.

If you've never heard of Stove World UK before, thank you for giving us your consideration.

Now you know who we are, we'd like to tell you how we got here.

A stove (r)evolution

A stove (r)evolution

The march of progress hasn't made the wood burning stove obsolete, it has made it even more desirable.

And thanks to a new generation of stove engineers, the woodburners of yesterday have been replaced by cleaner, more efficient models that are safe, stylish and compact.

But when we came along in 2007, that wasn't the case. We realised something was wrong in the stove business. An industry dominated by a handful of companies was making huge profit margins from technology that hadn't moved on much from the age when a stove was many people's primary source or heating.

We aimed to change all that.

We created our own woodburning and multi-fuel stove designs, selecting the best raw materials and taking advantage of the most efficient heating techniques. As founders of the Ecosy+ stove brand, we manufactured this new breed of stoves ourselves so that we could sell them to you directly, with no middle-man.

A stove (r)evolution

Direct to you at trade prices

Everyone who comes to Stove World UK pays the same price.

There are no discount codes and no trade prices. You won't find Ecosy+ stoves for sale in a showroom or any other woodburning stove ecommerce website. It's that simple. There's no commission being paid to a retailer or reseller and so we pass that saving directly to you, which is why you won't find quality woodburning stoves at these prices anywhere else in the United Kingdom.


A classic, reinvented

If you haven't used a woodburning stove for a decade or so, you, are going to be blown away when you see what our stoves can do.

Gone are the days of burning up logs just to heat the inside of your chimney. Ecosy+ stoves use secondary burn and tertiary air systems with advanced baffle design to recirculate air inside the firebox, re-burning the smoke to give you long-lasting heat from the minimum fuel.

That's why, in tests, modern stoves like the hugely popular Hampton 5 or Purefire Curve have been shown to produce 80% less particulate matter than older stoves.

Long before the UK government introduced EcoDesign regulations for woodburning stoves, our stoves were already equipped to pass all Defra-approved standards, which are the strict, laboratory-tested levels of emissions permitted in built-up urban areas in the United Kingdom. By the time the 2019 Clean Air Strategy rules became law in 2022, our stoves were already improving on the legal limits for emissions and efficiency.

Selling a woodburning stove in the 21st Century means acting in a way that's environmentally responsible and sustainable. And through our relationship with the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA), we have made a commitment to designing and building better, cleaner, more reliable, more efficient stoves that don't cost the earth or the Earth.

EcoDesign is only the beginning. We have a whole range of woodburning stoves certified clearSkies 5, far exceeding EcoDesign requirements and the highest possible rating for any stove available in this country. When you burn wood from a sustainable source in a stove that's rated clearSkies 5, your home isn't just cosy and warm, it's clean and green, too.

No chimney? No problem

Bio ethanol stoves

If you can't have a woodburning stove, we have the next best thing.

We'd love for everyone who wants their own log stove to be able to have one, but sadly there are practical limitations that make it impossible for some people. For health and safety reasons, a woodburning or multi-fuel stove needs to be installed by a qualified professional, often requiring some structural alteration, and that is not always possible.

However, there is an increasingly popular alternative to woodburning stoves for anyone living in a flat, a new build home without a chimney, or in rented accommodation. A bio ethanol stove will give you the welcoming hug of warmth and the radiance of real flames just like a log burner in a unit that is portable, clean, safe and requires no installation. With a bio stove there's no smoke, no smell, and the only emissions from burning bio ethanol fuel are heat and about the same amount of CO2 as burning a couple of candles.


5 stars!

Now tell your friends

Our range of bio ethanol stoves is just one more way that Stove World UK makes owning a stove simpler, more affordable and achievable for everyone.

Thousands of five-star reviews online from satisfied customers will tell you that we are fast, friendly, honest and great value for money. But most of all we pride ourselves on the fantastic quality of our stoves.

And yes, after you buy from us, we'll be asking you to add to those reviews. But before you groan, you need to know that your feedback is especially important for us because our prices are so competitive that honestly some people think there must be a catch. There isn't.

So, when your new stove is fired up and in pride of place in your home, we don't want you to be shy about telling your friends and family and anyone who'll listen about the smart choice you made when you purchased your stove from you-know-who.

Stove World UK is an Accredited Living Wage employer

Stove World UK is an Accredited Living Wage employer and has been certified by the Living Wage Foundation.

At Stove World UK we are committed to paying all of our staff at least the real living wage. We believe that our team deserves a wage that meets the everyday cost of living, not just the government minimum. The real living wage rates are higher than the government’s ‘national living wage’ because they are independently-calculated based on what people need to get by.

We will always strive to care for and fairly treat our team and our customers. You can find more information about the Living Wage at