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What is a Bioethanol Stove?

What is a Bioethanol Stove?

No chimney? No problem. Bio Ethanol Stoves are practical and pleasing alternative to a traditional wood burner that can heat your home without installation, whilst producing a beautiful real flame.

Is a bioethanol stove as good as a wood burner?

If you've ever longed to have a home with a natural fire but felt there were too many barriers in the way, a bio stove just might be your dream come true.

There's nothing quite like warming yourself in front of a natural fire. The comforting heat, dancing flames and satisfyingly soft glow are synonymous with living the good life, contented and at ease in your home. A fire is an invitation that brings people together.

Fortunately for any home owners or tenants unable to install a conventional wood burning stove in their home, a bio ethanol stove is a clean, convenient, cost-effective, and versatile alternative that doesn't require installation.

Are bioethanol stoves environmentally friendly?

Bioethanol stoves are a compact, clean, safe, quiet, odourless, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly heat source, burning ethanol, a renewable fuel source made from plant matter, which releases only heat and water vapour as by-products. They may not provide quite the same heat output as a conventional stove, but they're as easy to operate as striking a match and they're relatively cheap to run, too – one litre of bioethanol will burn for around three hours.

Do bioethanol stoves need a chimney?

Because they only emit CO2, bio stoves do not require a chimney to vent gases. So, if you live in a new-build home without a chimney or rented accommodation where you can't make structural alterations, a bio stove is the answer.

Optionally, you can add a flue pipe to your stove to make it look like the real deal, but the flue is for looks and looks only.

What's the best bioethanol stove on the market?

When you buy a bio ethanol stove from Ecosy+, you get the best of both worlds – a safe and effective modern stove without any fuss, designed by a stove manufacturer with years of experience in the engineering complexities of combustion and heat transfer.

Are bio stoves portable?

Our Bio Stoves are sturdier than many equivalent bio stoves on the market, weighing twice as much as competing products on the market, and share many parts with the real thing. For example, the cast iron doors are the same on both the wood and Bio models, so they don't just look like the real thing, they are the real thing.

However, unlike wood burning or multi-fuel stoves, it is portable, so you can move it from room to room if you change your mind on its location – you can even take it outside to a patio or balcony on dry sunny evenings.

What fuel should I use in my bio stove?

There are a number of companies that sell the fuel online. We have used EkoFuel a lot and find it to be very good and long lasting. 

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