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Chimney Liners & Kits

Dura Flue

316 or 904 Ultimate Dura Flue Liner. 15- and 30-year guarantee

Product of the Year Finalist at The Hearth and Home Show 2013
(equivalent to the Oscars in the stove industry)

We stock register plate kits, MA adapters and Colt Cowls

Dura Flue 5 inch 316 and 6 inch 316 guaranteed for 15 years; 5 inch 904 and 6 inch 904 guaranteed for 30 years

Why do we sell Dura Flue liner and not the cheapest brands?

Cheaper liner can turn out to be very costly. There are numerous reports of cheap liner pulling apart as it comes down the chimney and de-laminating on the inside; there have even been reports of it separating in the middle, resulting in a hole having to be knocked through the chimney to get to it. With Dura Flue the layers do not separate and the inside remains smooth. We have never had a fault occur with our Dura flue liner.

Do I need 316 Grade Or 904?

In short, if you are just burning seasoned wood and maybe the odd lump of smokeless coal then buy the 316-grade liner, If you are burning a mix of seasoned wood and smokeless coal, or smokeless coal on its own, then the 904 liner would be better for you.

Ma adapters

Register Plate Kits