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Stove World UK Customer Reviews and Wood Burning Stove Photos

We welcome your feedback and love to see your photos. We are grateful to every one of the customers below who have got in touch and shared their opinions and experiences to help others choose the best possible stove for their budget.

Submitted by: Penny

  • 04/12/2023
  • Rating: (5)

We had an Ecosy+ Purefire Curve 5kw, Multi-Fuel, Eco Design Ready, Defra Approved Stove fitted into our quiet snug room and it heats the room to a comfortable level (not too over heated like some stoves can do). We are getting used to working out the controls for air flow that best suit the room. They are easy to use and great for controlling heat levels. It’s a compact design which really suits the room and has plenty of window space for watching the flames. There was a tiny scratch/crack on the glass which we noticed a few days after purchase - stoveworld customer care team got a new one sent out immediately which was great and very much appreciated. It’s great having a good customer care team who are available to help with any questions or any queries about how the stove works.

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  • Ecosy-Curve-5kw1701869040.jpg

Submitted by: James

  • 03/11/2023
  • Rating: (5)

We wanted to replace our old stove which probably didn't comply with any clean air regulations. Bought the rear chimney adaptor at the same time so made installation very straightforward. Looks really good, much more modern than our old one and it burns really well too. Seems quite efficient with wood, we haven't used coal in it yet, but logs burn well and last a long time. Seems to emit much less smoke too, so obviously that bit of it works!
Overall we are very happy with the stove and the service from Stove World.

Submitted by: Martin Stewart

  • 22/10/2023
  • Rating: (5)

Very happy with stove great buy everything as it is advertised very quick and easy delivery!

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  • Ecosy-Curve-5kw-DEFRA-approved-wood-burning-stove-martin1698056720.jpg

Submitted by: Mark Blake

  • 20/10/2023
  • Rating: (5)

Quality stove delivered in good time very economical burn.
Firelighters are recommended to light but if youre tight like me and use the newspaper you will need to leave the door slightly open to get a good draft to get going but not a problem.

Submitted by: Marcus Stroud

  • 29/03/2023
  • Rating: (4)

A very decent 5kw multi-fuel stove. Took a couple of weeks to get the best out of it but once you've got the hang of it it's brilliant. Confused with the ash pan because when in wood burning mode you have the grate closed when burning, which means ash can't fall to the pan. To get ash to fall you open and close the grate quickly when cold. Even then not much drops through so you find yourself sweeping the stove out. Don't let that put you off because it's easy to do. The right hand under air flow control can be shut very quickly after ignition with just the left over air flow vent open for the burn. I find if you shut them both down it tends to die a bit but with left vent fully open it's an efficient burn. Looks good and gets very hot, would recommend, with the above lessons learned.

Submitted by: Andrew Blackwell

  • 14/02/2023
  • Rating: (5)

Great experience, ordered online with no problems, delivered on time and the delivery guy was extremely helpful and friendly.
Once the fire was fitted it looked brilliant.
Will definitely recommend to my friends.

Submitted by: Bernard Lyall

  • 11/02/2023
  • Rating: (5)

This little thing punches way above its weight. I've used it for 3 or 4 years now and like it more and more. It kicks out loads of heat, is very sensitive to its controls, keeps the glass clean pretty well, and never seems to let smoke out into the room either when lighting it or when adding fuel. Nothing has broken or fallen off, and it still looks good - other than some cosmetic damage to the glass from using damp fuel (my fault).

Submitted by: Mike Walker

  • 01/02/2023
  • Rating: (5)

Installed last week. Delivered safely with no problems. I’m getting used to controlling the burn. Only burned wood so far but am very impressed. Easy to clean and very efficient burn controls. Highly recommended. Great value for moneys,

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  • Ecosy-Curve-5kw-DEFRA-approved-woodburning-stove1676041710.jpg

Submitted by: Kate Mackenzie

  • 26/10/2022
  • Rating: (5)

This is a super stove. Good value and will hopefully throw out the heat when our cottage renovations are finished.
Ordering was easy and delivery well organised.

Submitted by: Marina

  • 03/09/2022
  • Rating: (5)

Great fast delivery service and price, The fire looks stunning and of an expensive quality at the fraction of the price paid from other places I've seen !
I've just had it installed this morning , I'm looking forward to those colder nights sitting in front of this fantastic lovely fire ..still can't believe I've got the burn.. this is the test burn today ..

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  • Ecosy-Curve-5kw-DEFRA-approved-wood-burning-stove1662393697.jpg
  • Ecosy-Curve-5kw-DEFRA-approved-wood-burning-stove-21662393701.jpg
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