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Stove World UK Customer Reviews and Wood Burning Stoves Photos

We welcome your feedback and love to see your photos. We are grateful to every one of the customers below who have got in touch and shared their opinions and experiences to help others choose the best possible stove for their budget.

Submitted by: Emma

  • 26/04/2022
  • Rating: (5)

The stove arrived really quickly, no problem with the ordering process at all. It is now installed and we're on commissioning it, lighting it a little longer each night etc. It's a great stove, the installer was really impressed with how easy and responsive the two vents are. What a bonus that it is so environmentally friendly.

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  • as11650997207sd4.jpg

Submitted by: Tony

  • 15/02/2022
  • Rating: (5)

Great customer sevice as initially came missing one grate quick call 3 days later suprised it arrived. Not installed yet but looks great in unfinished fireplace. Arrived on time. Cant wait to fire it up.

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  • snug-7-review1646049159.jpg
  • snug-7-tony-review1646049165.jpg

Submitted by: Amanda Jones

  • 13/12/2021
  • Rating: (5)

This isn't installed yet but the service from this company is superb. The stove I originally ordered was out of stock and I was offered the Ecosy+ Snug 7 to 10kw
It was delivered on time and is going to look stunning in my newly renovated home.

Submitted by: Rob Owen

  • 14/10/2021
  • Rating: (5)

This is a fantastic stove. I'll admit when I read the description and watched the video, I thought it sounded a bit 'hyped' with regard re-burning the smoke, most efficient design available etc. Well, it's absolutely true about igniting the smoke, you can see the extra flames coming though the holes at the back, like swirling gas flames. The wood burns for ages and produces so much more heat than our last stove (valor). There also seems to be way less ash left by each fire than with our last one. If you're thinking of getting this, just buy it. It's probably true about it being the most efficient one on the market.

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  • as11634250619sd4.jpg

Submitted by: Nicholas Taylor

  • 04/01/2021
  • Rating: (5)

A really good stove. Easy to light and extremely easy to control. Very little waste and a clean burn with seasoned wood. 8 months in and absolutley love it.

Submitted by: Simon Hannigan

  • 14/11/2020
  • Rating: (5)

This stove is amazing. Great build quality and lovely large window. It's so easy to use adaptable, giving out great heat when it's on full, but coming down to a much gentler background heat when required. We live in a drafty old Georgian house in Scotland and this has transformed it!

Submitted by: Darren

  • 15/11/2019
  • Rating: (5)

We love our new stove , economical, clean hardly any ash, it looks great and really puts out the heat , a little power house! Great buy!

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