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Zona Stoves


Zona Contemporary Woodburning Multi-fuel Stoves Zona is Stove World UK 's exciting range of European built contemporary stove's. Their well thought out modern design and good sturdy construction has made the range extremely desirable to our trade and public clients since their arrival in 2011. These designs hold a strong resemblance to the well-known expensive Scandinavian designs, with their clean lines and large viewing windows. The main feature they do not share is the price tag. Our contemporary units start from just £219.99. We hold over 1000 contemporary stove's in stock.

Zona products are CE marked and conform to BSEN 13240.

As well as being CE and BSEN approved they also comply with the stringent DIN+ standard that is required in Germany. This test requires high efficiency and low emissions. Many of the UK stoves have not, and cannot pass this test.

Every stove in the range includes a full heat resistant brick lining, Thyssen steel construction, pre heated airwash system, German schott glass pane, small cast iron grate, manual, data plate and a massive 2 YEAR GUARANTEE.

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Coseyfire Woodburning Multi-fuel Stoves Coseyfire is Stove World UK's range of a well-constructed cast iron products. The range has gained many dedicated customers who have purchased again and again since the brand was formed in 2007. The range has received over 5000 positive reviews and comments on the internet alone. The brand is not heavily marketed to keep expenditures low which in turn allows us to keep the price low. However the brand has started making impressions on people who would until now only buy from one of the main brands seen in the glossy home magazines. People have begun to realise you do not need to pay thousands of pounds for a quality product. We stock over 1000 Coseyfire stoves so we are confident you will find something that will meet your needs.

Coseyfire stoves are constructed from thick Australian mineral cast iron. Not re-melted scrap like many of our competitors. The high quality of cast iron used has led to extremely low numbers of issues with the product. Pretty much all of the stoves purchased at the start in 2007 are still going strong. We know this because we often get returning customers years down the line who have moved or decided to fit one in another room.

All Coseyfire stove include a Multi-fuel grate, German Schott glass panes,fire bricks, removable legs, manual, data plate, airwash and air flow systems.

Coseyfire products are CE marked and conform to BSEN 13240 standards for use in the UK.

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