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Wood Burning Stoves

Panoramic Wood Burning Stoves: Pioneering Ecodesign

Introduced as one of the very first Ecodesign stoves back in 2017 this range has become a firm favourite with our trade and online customers.

The below key features highlight why this range has been such a roaring success since its launch.

  • Panoramic stoves have nominal 5kw output, so building regulations do not require an air brick or vent
  • Slimline body
  • Huge heat-resistant glass front
  • Defra and Ecodesign compliant
  • High outputs of over 6.9kw and lows of 3.6kw
  • Wood only
  • One of the lowest CO producing stoves sold in the UK

Ottawa Wood Burning Stoves: Amazing Value

We may be a tad biased, but we truly think the Ottawa range is the best value group of stoves in the UK. No other brand can offer a stove that is designed and tested in the UK, includes a 5 year guarantee as standard, has a secondary/tertiary burn system and runs up to 82% efficient. To top it off, the price starts from just £499 including VAT.

Hooga Wood Burning Stoves: Timeless Simplicity

A range of EcoDesign, Defra-approved, woodburning-only stoves inspired by the Danish concept of contentment and well-being through enjoyment of the simple things in life

Hampton Wood Burning Stoves: Best in the Business

The Hampton Collection by Ecosy+ has been many years in the making. Everything we've learned from building tens of thousands of Ecosy+ stoves has been considered when making this fabulous range. We truly believe it to be one of the best, if not the best, stove ranges out there today. Here are a few key features that all Hampton stoves possess:

  • All models exceed the 2022 EcoDesign requirements
  • They are all Defra approved
  • Potentially the lowest combination of NOx, CO and dust output of any stove sold in the UK
  • 7-year warranty as standard
  • Designed and tested right here in the UK

Rock Wood Burning Stoves: Heavy Duty Cast Iron

Reliable, stylish and efficient cast iron stoves, with Defra and Ecodesign approval thanks to their simple yet effective tertiary burn and baffle design.